Malassezia dermatitis

7 Malassezia dermatitis


In dogs, the clinical signs of Malassezia dermatitis vary according to the intensity of the infection and the area affected. Infection can cause localized or generalized disease and pruritus is a common presenting sign. In most cases the skin lesions include erythema, scaling, hyperpigmentation, lichenification and crusting. Individual, or several concurrent sites such as ears, lips, muzzle, ventral neck, axillae, ventrum, perianal and feet may be involved. Dark brown waxy exudate in the ear canals or adherent to the nails is suggestive of Malassezia infection. Frequently, peripheral lymphadenopathy is also present.

Malassezia dermatitis is less common in cats. It has been associated with facial dermatitis and with otitis externa secondary to allergic skin disease. Generalized lesions in cats have been associated with immunedysregulation in conditions such as the paraneoplastic syndromes.

In this case, the clinical signs included:

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