Stomatitis in a Harris’ hawk

14 Stomatitis in a Harris’ hawk

Clinical Examination

After observation of the bird on the owner’s fist, the Harris’ hawk was cast with a towel for examination. Clinical findings were as follows:

Case Work-Up

Examination under general anaesthesia

This allowed a comprehensive assessment of the oral cavity (Fig. 14.1a) including the base of the tongue, as well as permitting sample collection for further tests. Anaesthesia was induced via a close-fitting facemask. The hawk was not intubated for two reasons: the procedure was rapid, and there was a risk of introducing infection into the lower respiratory tract if an endotracheal tube was passed via the oral cavity. The lesions extended over the tongue, making it slightly rigid, and laterally in the oropharynx (Fig. 14.1b). Lesions did not extend into the oesophagus.

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