Sebaceous adenitis

13 Sebaceous adenitis


There are substantial variations in the clinical appearance of sebaceous adenitis between breeds.

Longer-haired dogs present with variable scaling, alopecia and usually marked follicular cast formation (Fig. 12.4), and a fine silvery scale on the inner aspects of the pinnae is commonly seen in springer spaniels. Lesions can progress to large patches of broken hairs and tightly adherent scale. The pinnae, trunk, temporal region and tail tend to be affected in the early stages, but severe disease can result in generalized involvement.

In short-haired dogs such as the Hungarian viszla, lesions consist of focal, coalescing, annular plaques of scaling and partial alopecia.

Feline sebaceous adenitis is a rare disease characterized by multifocal annular areas of alopecia, scaling, crusting and follicular casts. Pruritus can be absent to marked, and tends to be more severe if there is secondary pyoderma.

The physical examination was within normal limits.

Examination of the skin revealed:

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