Periodontitis in a cat

7 Periodontitis in a cat


See the front page of the dental record (Fig. 7.1) for details of findings.

In summary, examination under general anaesthesia identified the following:

6. Gingival recession affecting 104, 107 (Fig. 7.4a, b), 108, 207, 208, 304, 309, 404 and 408


The radiographs revealed a generalized horizontal alveolar bone loss, which was more severe in the upper jaw (Fig. 7.5). There was extensive bone loss at the furcation of 107 (Fig. 7.5), 309 (Fig. 7.6) and 408 (Fig. 7.7). The bone loss at 408 had a vertical (as well as horizontal) component and there was a pathological fracture of the mesial root (Fig. 7.7). In addition, the root of the extracted 204 (Fig. 7.8) and the distal root of the extracted 409 were retained.

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