Lymphoma in a hamster

30 Lymphoma in a hamster


The hamster was lively, alert and responsive during examination. He weighed 126 g and general clinical examination was unremarkable.

Dermatological examination revealed generalised erythema with multifocal areas of alopecia over the head and dorsum (Figs 30.1 and 30.2). There was also increased scaling of the skin in many areas. In addition, some erosions and excoriations were present on the face (Fig. 30.3).


Alopecia and rough hair coat are non-specific signs associated with multiple disease and husbandry problems. Chronic, non-pruritic, generalized alopecia with scaling and crusting around the ears and feet can be associated with any of the differential diagnoses listed above. Hairlessness can even have a hereditary predisposition. Therefore, diagnosis is important to provide the right treatment. Some of the other main differential diagnoses are considered briefly here:

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