Head and neck pruritus

37 Head and neck pruritus


Most cats with this condition are intensely pruritic and are able to cause severe self-excoriation within a short space of time. In first opinion practice, most cases are presented after a sudden spontaneous onset of pruritus, although there may be an association with a previous injection site or topical treatment.

History taking should establish evidence of systemic involvement, seasonality, contagion, zoonosis, diet, management and response to previous treatment, in particular antimicrobial or glucocorticoid therapy (see Chapter 1). Some conditions that affect the head and neck may not exhibit early pruritus, but it can occur as the condition progresses and other complications occur. Thus, it is helpful to know whether the condition initially started as pruritus with subsequent development of lesions or whether there were already skin lesions present before pruritus became evident suggesting a primary eruption.

The relevant history in this case was as follows:

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