Chapter 5 Cornea


The cornea is a vital part of the eye. Lesions of the cornea are often readily obvious to pet owners, because these lesions may be easily observed and frequently manifest as painful conditions for the animal. The transmission and refraction of light in the eye require that the cornea be transparent; any pathologic problem that affects corneal transparency can significantly reduce vision. Some corneal lesions (notably ulceration) can affect the integrity of the entire eye. For these reasons corneal diseases are a very important part of veterinary ophthalmology. Corneal ulcers, from superficial to deep, are illustrated in this chapter. Other conditions that affect the cornea, such as eosinophilic keratitis and sequestra in cats, pannus and corneal dystrophies in dogs, and mass lesions in the cornea, are also illustrated here.


Figure 5-38 Same dog as in Figure 5-37. Eye is stained with fluorescein.


Figure 5-8 Same cat as in Figure 5-7. Corneal ulcer stained with fluorescein dye.

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