Intestinal leiomyoma in a dog

33 Intestinal leiomyoma in a dog

Case contributed by Carolina Urraca del Junco

Problem list and discussion of problems

The dog’s main problems were the lethargy, pale mucous membranes and intermittent melaena. Pale mucous membranes can be caused by either poor perfusion or anaemia. The dog had no evidence of cardiovascular disorders and was well hydrated. The lethargy and likely anaemia (confirmed by packed cell volume (PCV)) were thought to be due to intestinal blood loss resulting in the melaena.

Case work-up

Minimum data base

Routine haematology revealed a severe anaemia with a PCV of 0.11 l/l (reference range 0.39–0.55 l/l, with moderate red blood cell regeneration (corrected reticulocyte count 2.76%). There was a low mean corpuscular volume (MCV) of 56 fl (reference range 60–77 fl) and low mean cell haemoglobin concentration (MCHC) of 30.2% (reference range 32–36%). The microcytosis and hypochromia were consistent with iron deficiency anaemia. Blood smear evaluation revealed marked microcytic hypochromic anaemia with moderate numbers of polychromatophils and small numbers of normoblasts. There was a moderate RBC anisocytosis and mild hypochromia. The platelet number appeared adequate. There was a moderate mature neutrophilia and a mild monocytosis, with a few reactive lymphocytes.

As the dog had a history of melaena, the regenerative anaemia was thought to be likely to be secondary to gastrointestinal blood loss, although haemolysis was possible. A slide agglutination test was negative and Coombs tests for IgG, IgM and complement were also not consistent with immune mediated haemolysis. The haematological parameters were consistent with an iron deficiency anaemia, also likely due to gastrointestinal blood loss.

The dog was dog erythrocyte antigen (DEA) 1.1 blood type positive on an in-house test, which also showed no evidence of auto-agglutination (Fig 33.1).

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