Importance of periodontal probing depth (PPD)

8 Importance of periodontal probing depth (PPD)


See the front page of the dental record (Fig. 8.1) for details of findings.

In summary, examination under general anaesthesia identified the following:


The radiographs of 104 and 204 confirmed the clinical diagnosis of periodontitis. There was resorption of the alveolar margin and widening of the periodontal space. The radiograph of 104 showed extensive bone loss extending beyond the apex (Fig. 8.5).

The radiograph of 206 showed horizontal bone loss and obvious furcation involvement (Fig. 8.6), again confirming the clinical diagnosis of advanced periodontitis.

The radiographs of 109 (Fig. 8.7a) and 209 (Fig. 8.7b) demonstrated marked periapical destruction at the palatal root.

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