Feline constipation and megacolon

36 Feline constipation and megacolon

Case contributed by Nicki Reed

Physical examination

The cat appeared slightly thin (body condition score 3/9) and had a distended abdomen (Fig 36.1). Her hydration appeared adequate and mucous membrane colour was pink with a capillary refill time of 2 seconds. Thoracic auscultation revealed a Grade I to II/VI systolic murmur, with point of maximal intensity at the left sternal border. No pulse deficits or arrhythmias were detected. Respiratory rate was mildly increased at 30 breaths per minute, attributed to stress, as no abnormal lung sounds were detected. Abdominal palpation revealed a large colon, filled with hard faeces and a moderately distended bladder.

Problem list and discussion of problems

The cat’s primary problem was thought to be constipation, based on the history and physical examination findings.

Case work-up

A neurological examination was performed with no abnormalities detected. A rectal examination showed no evidence of herniation, anal sac disease, strictures or foreign bodies. A few small pieces of hard dry faeces were present in the rectum.

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