Edema, Soft Tissue

Edema, Soft Tissue

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Etiology and Pathophysiology

• Noninfectious causes: trauma (wing tip edema of raptors), fractures, feather cysts (especially in canaries)

• Iatrogenic: tight bandages, surgical trauma

• Coelomic mass effect: pulmonary edema

• Cardiac disease (see Cardiac Disease)

• Pulmonary edema: fluid overload, pulmonary disease, airborne toxins, obstruction of trachea, electrical shock

• Infectious causes: viral diseases in poultry often cause swelling of the comb or wattles

• Constrictive toe syndrome/constriction of toe by string foreign body: connective tissue circumferential bands restrict blood flow to distal toe, causing edema and swelling

• Vitamin C deficiency in Ptarmigan and grouse chicks <4 weeks old causing skeletal muscle edema.

• Neonatal edema Edematous chicks usually associated with high humidity, thick shell or inadequate ventilation during incubation; may result in external yolk sac upon hatch

• Postavian circovirus infection syndrome, in which transudate to modified transudate occurs in the coelomic cavity. No treatment and the birds usually die or are euthanized.

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