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Clinical Presentation

Physical Exam Findings

• Physical examination findings include scales and crusts, and alopecia.

• P. cuniculi are associated with inflammation (hypersensitivity reaction to mite piercing skin to feed) and reddish-brown crusting of the external ear canal, head shaking, ear drooping, and pruritus; inflammation and crusting may be generalized in debilitated rabbits; severe infection can lead to eardrum perforation and neurologic signs.

• C. parasitovorax may be subclinical but more often causes a scaly, dry, sometimes pruritic dermatitis with patchy alopecia or broken hairs over the dorsal neck, trunk, hind end, and abdomen.

• S. scabei and Notoedres cati cause a crusty, pruritic dermatitis around the head, neck, and trunk.

• Flea infestations may manifest as a dull coat, easily epilated hair, and patchy alopecia with pruritus, skin erythema, and crusting, especially on the pinnae and face. Flea droppings may be seen in the coat.

• Lice infestations may cause weight loss, alopecia, pruritus and papule formation.

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