Chapter 42 Dermatophytosis

Dermatophytosis is an infection of keratinized tissues usually caused by dermatophytes of the genera Microsporum, Trichophyton, and Epidermophyton. These organisms are keratinophilic and invade and live within the keratinized hair, nail, or skin. The majority of infections in dogs and cats are caused by three species of dermatophytes: Microsporum canis, Microsporum gypseum, and Trichophyton mentagrophytes. Other fungi are uncommon causes of dermatophytosis in pets. Dermatophytes are classified into groups based on their natural habitat as geophilic, zoophilic, or anthropophilic. Geophilic dermatophytes naturally inhabit the soil, zoophilic species are adapted to animals, and humans are the hosts for anthropophilic species. As a general rule, geophilic and anthropophilic dermatophytes tend to produce many more inflammatory lesions in animals than do the more host-adapted species.



Canine Dermatophytosis

Feline Dermatophytosis


Differential Diagnoses

Canine Dermatophytosis

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