Animal Evaluation and Preparation

Animal Evaluation and Preparation


Anesthesia is more than the delivery of anesthetic drugs. Safe anesthesia includes assessing the physical status of the animal, noting the administration of concurrent medications, selecting the appropriate drugs for each procedure, and having a working familiarity with anesthetic drugs, their potential toxicities, and treatment of anesthetic related side effects. This chapter outlines preoperative evaluation as it relates to subsequent anesthetic management.

General Considerations

The preanesthetic evaluation (history, physical condition, physical examination) informs the choice and dose of anesthetics to be used for a procedure

II The history and physical examination are the basis of the evaluation of the animal; the need for further workup is indicated by abnormalities found during physical examination or historical information that suggests altered body function

III Laboratory tests are not an acceptable substitute for a thorough physical examination

IV Dosing requirements should be carefully considered and are based on the animal’s health, previous drug history (drug interactions are possible), and body condition

A patent airway must be maintained in every animal

VI A patent IV route must be maintained for all animals that are at high risk of complications

VII Anticipate likely untoward events based on history, physical status, and the procedure

VIII An emergency cart with appropriate resuscitative drugs and antagonists should be maintained (see Chapters 28 and 29)

Evaluating the Animal

Animal identification

II Client complaint and anamnesis (history)

Duration and severity of illness

Concurrent symptoms or disease

Level of activity (exercise intolerance?)

Timing of most recent feeding

Previous and current administration of drugs

Current Physical Examination

General body condition

II Cardiovascular

III Pulmonary

IV Hepatic


VI Gastrointestinal

VII Nervous system and special senses

VIII Metabolic and endocrine

IX Integument


Preanesthetic Laboratory Workup

Minimum laboratory evaluation (Table 2-2)

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